Each version of the SDK is hosted in a CDN to allow faster and more efficient developments. Optionally, the library can be downloaded and hosted on a custom server.


version 4.1
  • [Added] Support for keyboard control
  • [Added] Low Latency Options
  • [Added] Autoplay Option
  • [Added] DisableFullScreen Option
  • [Improved] Now supports FairPlay with binary format (Axinom)
  • [Improved] Updated UI
  • [Improved] Minor Software Update
  • [Improved] Bug Fixes
  • [Removed] NexPlayer Watermark

version 4.0
  • [Added] HLS + Widevine support
  • [Added] Tizen Support
  • [Added] WebOS Support
  • [Added] Low Latency mode
  • [Added] New UI design
  • [Added] Quality controls
  • [Added] Speed controls
  • [Added] 360 support
  • [Added] VR mode
  • [Added] Mute option added
  • [Added] Chromecast support
  • [Added] VPAID and VAST support
  • [Improved] API improvements
  • [Improved] Improvement to Dash and Hls streams playback
  • [Improved] Fixed minor issues to improve the player playback

version 3.6
  • [Added] AirPlay support preintegrated.
  • [Added] Reactive icons.

version 3.5
  • [Added] Online license management (setting the customer key is now necessary).
  • [Added] SDK hosted in a CDN.
  • [Improved] Documentation snippets can be easily copied.

version 3.4.2

  • [Added] [Integrated UI] Documentation section about CORS.

version 3.4.1

  • [Removed] [Integrated UI] Sample without the integrated UI.

version 3.4

  • [Added] [Integrated UI] UnMount method to close the container and reuse it for a different video.

version 3.3

  • [Added] [Integrated UI] Static and dynamic preview thumbnails.
  • [Improved] [Integrated UI] Volume management on phones and other devices where videos can only autoplay muted.
  • [Improved] [Integrated UI] Resiliency for decoding errors while using HLS.
  • [Improved] [Integrated UI] Loading symbol on Edge and IE when using videos with multiple audios.
  • [Improved] [Integrated UI] Live symbol on some browsers.
  • [Improved] [Integrated UI] Responsiveness of the sample code and the player UI when the container is resized.

version 3.2

  • [Improved] [Integrated UI] Extended documentation with examples.

version 3.1

  • [Added] [Integrated UI] VAST/VPAID support.
  • [Improved] [Integrated UI] Responsive UI.

version 3.0

  • [Added] [Integrated UI] Customizable UI integrated inside the SDK.

version 2.14

  • [Added] Support macOS High Sierra.

version 2.13

  • [Added] Verimatrix Verspective Analytics.

version 2.12

  • [Improved] IE reliability.

version 2.11

  • [Improved] VAST reliability.

version 2.10

  • [Added] Custom HTTP headers also without DRM.

version 2.9

  • [Improved] Sample Chromecast receiver.

version 2.8

  • [Improved] Sample UI.
  • [Improved] Sample code structure.

version 2.7

  • [Added] FreeWheel.
  • [Added] Ad markers.

version 2.6

  • [Added] Support attributes on the video tag.

version 2.5

  • [Added] Dynamic and Static thumbnails.
  • [Added] CMAF on HLS.
  • [Improved] HLS with audio only tracks on Safari Mac.

version 2.4.1

  • [Added] Sample UI for ABR management.
  • [Improved] HLS resilience for unproperly format content.

version 2.4

  • [Added] TTML support for HLS.
  • [Added] Agama integration.

version 2.3.1

  • [Improved] Incomplete TTML with images support with DASH.

version 2.3

  • [Improved] TTML with images support with DASH.
  • [Improved] Preview thumbnails load time and reliability.
  • [Improved] Sample full-screen with 360 videos on iOS.
  • [Improved] Sample UI improvements.

version 2.2.1

  • [Improved] UI sample code

version 2.2

  • [Added] Preview Thumbnails.
  • [Improved] WebVTT and CEA subtitle support.

version 2.1

  • [Improved] DASH live stream on Safari (Mac).
  • [Improved] HLS WebVTT on Edge and IE.
  • [Improved] General stability.

version 2.0

  • [Added] HLS support with TS content and DRMs.

version 1.0

  • [Added] DASH support including DRMs.
  • [Added] 360 support.
  • [Added] Initial release of the player.

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